Untold Facts About a Sacred Beach

Recent discoveries about a legendary beach.

I thought I couldn’t learn much more about the Islip Town Beach. It turns out that there is plenty more that I needed to know. One thing that I didn’t know before that I know now is that H.O. Havemeyer donated the beach to the town. Things have changed since 1924 in the Islip Beach; there were boardwalks and buildings in there.  Along with that, bridges were built to the state park on Fire Island.  The residents then migrated over to Fire Island, deserting their local beach.

I found most interesting while researching that Mr. Havemeyer would be willing to give away his land and estate for the town to use.  Of course, that was when he died but he could have done a lot of different things with it.  He could have given the land to family members, let it just stay there, or even sell it. Another place that should become a historical site eventually is the Bayberry Beach and Tennis Club.  This is the club that I belong to and I feel that it has great historical importance based on pictures and letters I’ve seen over time.

This site has definitely affected my family and me as I have been researching into the history of this beach.  If the whole community did some research about this site, I know they would appreciate it as well.