South Padre Live Web Cams

bayside of the entertainment district.

Watching the sunset through the Queen Isabella Bridge from this great Bay webcam. All day long you could watch the calm waters of the lower Laguna Madre Bay, watch the guided fishing trips head out, watch the sailboats move out towards snorkeling trips, the jet skis ride by, it’s always fun to watch the people in the paddleboats. You can watch kite boarders sailing past, and windsurfers, and most mornings you can see people on standup paddle boards this always looks like fun.  At Louie’s Backyardorder something nice and cold to drink call the people who didn’t come with you to South Padre Island and let them see what they’re missing as they can control this webcam to a certain degree and you will be able to show them you’re wearing shorts in the wintertime and having a great time watching the sunset over the Lower Laguna Madre Bay.