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Air Padre Uses South Padre Live Cameras 

In water sports such as kiteboarding and surfing on South Padre Island, being aware of the current conditions before you head out is integral to decision making. Choices such as choosing the correct kitesurfing equipment, surfboard model, or protective gear depend heavily on what is happening for the hour and the day. That is why at Air Padre Kiteboarding team riders and instructors check before we head out for our kiteboarding lessons and surf sessions.

South Padre live cameras provide us with up-to-date information that we need about the weather, wave heights, crowds, and more! Before we head to the jetties, since the kiteboarding shop is located at the north end of town, we will pull up the live cameras online to make sure we are making the right gear choice. Within a matter of seconds we can view a live feed of what is going on at the beach location and determine if it is worth going or not. Now with the controllable cameras, we can even pan around the beach to see which surf spot or kitesurfing launch location is the best! 

We would highly recommend using the South Padre Live Cameras! You canít beat the information available with real time video feed if you are into kitesurfing or surfing on the South Padre coastline. 



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What is Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing? More info

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing, if you don't already know, is like snowboarding or skateboarding on water. When you ride a board while being pulled behind a boat it's called wakeboarding. NOW, instead of having someone else drive you around for a source of power imagine having that power in your very own hands in the form of a steady wind powering up a large kite. No need for a $50,000 boat and $100 gas everyday- once you buy your kiteboarding gear the wind is free! Many people use the words kiteboarding, kite boarding, kite-boarding, kitesurfing, kite surfing and kite-surfing interchangeably. We generally refer to kiteboarding as flat water riding and kitesurfing as wave riding. For more information on riding in the waves check out our page on kitesurfing or kitesurfing lessons.

kitesurfer Learning how to kite board in the shallow, flat, and

The kite is controlled or steered using a control bar in the hands of the rider. The kite can be flown in specific patterns to generate greater power or can be used to jump or fly through the air. When we say fly we really mean it. Professional kiteboarders can not only jump up 50 or 60 feet but can also fly for distances of a quarter mile or more! That's nearly 10 seconds of air time! Ever wonder how that kiteboarder you've been watching from a distance can hang onto their kite for so long? They must have really strong arms right? Not even! In wakeboarding that might be the case because you have to hang onto the bar with all you've got to perform your tricks and ride but in kiteboarding the power of the kite is directed to a hook on your harness which is near your center of gravity and allows you to use your body as leverage against the kite. This takes the load off your arms which are used for steering the bar, power and de-power of the kite. When you pull the bar towards you it adds power, when you push the bar away you decrease power. The amount of resistance when pulling the bar in for more power is called sheeting pressure, or bar pressure. The bar also offers a safety release which can be used to kill power in case of an emergency. Also, instead of trailing behind a boat going where the driver wants to go, you are free to chase the wind wherever you want! Like a sailboat you can go any direction you want except directly into the wind. If you want to go upwind you can tack back and forth at about a 45 degree angle to the wind. More info



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