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Imagine a beautiful tropical Island with miles and miles of unspoiled beaches. It lies in the sun beside the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. It is a place where sparkling beaches, warm water, friendly hospitality and relaxing activities come together. It's not your imagination, it's the ideal vacation paradise, it's South Padre Island.


There are many advantages in going on a guided fly fishing trip or a deep sea sport fishing charter for a South Padre fishing vacation. Fishing guides and fishing charter captains are often very knowledgeable about their local waters.
They can offer sport anglers instruction and fishing techniques that are unique to Laguna Madre. The primary job of a fishing guide or charter boat captain is to locate and put their clients on fish, as well as offer their knowledge on the fishing environment and fishing techniques required to pursue the quarry of the day.
In many cases, fishing guides and sport fishing charters specialize in specific game fish fishing excursions.

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas, March 26, 2010 - South Padre Island is Texas' southernmost beach locale. This unique geographic location lends a bit of tropical feel to South Padre Island and its surrounding waters. For anglers, this adds up to year-round salt water angling options for species not generally found elsewhere in the Lone Star State.

With more than 600 different fish species inhabiting the Island's waters, sport fishing is a favorite year-round activity, from surfcasting to deep sea fishing. South Padre Island has many experienced fishing guides, serving both large and small groups. They will work to ensure the success of your outings. Additional information on fishing and fishing guides can be found on  south padre fishing
Nearly 2,000 anglers convene on the Island each August for two popular annual events, the Texas International Fishing Tournament in and the Ladies Kingfish Tournament. The Island boasts restaurants from casual to upscale, all with a diverse range of offerings, but seafood is the town's top specialty. Wild Texas Gulf shrimp are harvested in the region, and with the Island's abundant sport fishing, many restaurants will cook an angler's catch to order.

South Padre Island Calendar of Fishing Opportunities
January - January sees the true beginning of the surf fishing season. Most beachfront fishermen are looking for pompano, whiting, sand trout, red drum, and jackcrevalle. In the bay, good numbers of speckled trout and redfish will still be found in shallow water during the warmer afternoon hours. Snook and mangrove snapper can be consistently found in the deeper waters of the Brownsville Ship Channel and Port of Port Isabel. And, most years find good numbers of kingfish patrolling just offshore - a rarity in winter elsewhere along the Gulf Coast.

February - By February, the beachfront is full of pompano - and fishermen hoping to catch them. Additionally, the consistent catches of whiting, sand trout, red and black drum, and jacks continue for fishermen plying the beachfront. Catchable numbers of redfish and speckled trout are still found in the bay. Black drum are also a popular target for bay fishermen. Snook and mangrove snapper are still reliable around deeper water structure. However, February is the month when the focus of most bay fishermen changes from school-size speckled trout to trophy trout, as the large female specks begin to fatten up in anticipation of their annual spawn.

March - Despite huge Spring Break crowds on land, the bay system is relatively empty in the third month of the year. However, shallow water fishing is just starting to heat up. Expect to find good schools of redfish and trout
along the channel edges and on the flats during warmer days. Flounder are also a little more common in March. Snook, mangrove snapper, and lookdowns will still be solid in the ship channel, but will begin making their way back into the bay system. Sheepshead will be ganged up around the jetties and will have plenty of suitors as anglers line the rocks to try and land these tasty panfish.

April - Winds are still strong in South Texas during April, but that doesn't hinder the fishing any. By April, the water temperatures are warm enough to make fishing earlier in the day practical - particularly for those looking to sight-cast on the flats. Reds and specks will be spending more time in the shallow water and there will still be plenty of big trout cruising the flats preparing to spawn. April is one of the better months to tangle with one of these trophy trout in the Lower Laguna Madre. April also sees the bluewater currents begin swinging closer to shore. Kingfish frequently get within reach of jetty anglers during April and can be consistently found within a few miles of the beach. The first few tarpon of the year typically show up in April as well.

May - May is usually the final month to find spawning speckled trout in the Lower
Laguna Madre, so anglers are generally focused on landing a trophy. Redfish are really active in May, which seems to be one of those months were the water is not too warm and not too cold and all species of fish seem to show a bit more spunk.

Most fishermen will be focused on redfish in the shallow flats, but they can also be found on the deeper flats and ledges. By May, jetty fishing has become really hot. Whether fishing the rocks by boat or by foot, odds are you can reasonably expect to have a chance to catch snook, ladyfish, jack crevalle, tarpon, mangrove snapper, kingfish, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout and more. Offshore fishermen are also starting to see a bit more variety, as fish such as bonito, wahoo, sailfish, and ling become more common catches and add to the regular bags of kingfish, Spanish mackerel, red snapper and grouper found by these anglers.

June - As the temperature rises, so does the intensity of the fishing. In June, it becomes hard to decide what to fish for. In the bay, redfish, speckled trout, ladyfish, flounder and snook will be common catches. Along the jetties, anglers will be covered up with kingfish, Spanish mackerel, snook, tarpon, grouper, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle, ladyfish and more. And offshore, fishermen
can expect to find sailfish, kingfish, ling, wahoo, red snapper, grouper and, occasionally, marlin and tuna.

July - By July, summer is in full swing. Crowds are more common on the bay, but with so many options available, the water hardly feels crowded. Speckled trout are generally found along the channel edges and deeper flats, while redfish will still be found cruising the shallow water flats. July is also the first full month that sees snook consistently found on the flats of South Bay. Offshore action is also in full swing by July, with marlin, sailfish, ling, kingfish, red snapper, wahoo and blackfin tuna being the main focus.

August - August is the month for the nationally-renowned Texas International Fishing Tournament as well as the Ladies Kingfish Tournament. Folks looking to take one last fishing trip before school's back in session will have plenty of options. Speckled trout, redfish, flounder and snook will all be plentiful in the bay. Along the beachfront, snook, tarpon and kingfish will be common. Offshore, virtually every Gulf species will be within range, including yellowfin and blackfin tuna, blue marlin, sailfish and wahoo.

September -In September, redfish will be grouping up and preparing for a mass exodus into the Brazos Santiago Pass for their fall spawn. These huge pods of
fish are easy to spot as they hassle baitfish on the flats and can provide fast and furious action for anglers chasing them. Speckled trout are also preparing for a
secondary spawn in the fall. The best fishing in September involves snook in South Bay and Mexiquite Flats and tarpon in the Brazos Santiago Pass. Both of
these exotic, tropical species are extremely active - and accessible - in September, as are kingfish, tuna and a host of offshore species.

October - Pods of "tailing" redfish are the signature of fall flats fishing in the Lower Laguna Madre. The calm winds of October make the task of fly casting to
these fish a breeze, making October one of the most popular months among the fly rod ranks. As the month wears on, these fish will begin making their way to the Brazos Santiago Pass. Spawning specks will also be prowling the flats and plenty of smaller trout will be in the deeper water. Snook will still be good in South Bay, but will begin making their way back into the deeper water of the shipping lanes. October is also an exciting time offshore, as blue water anglers begin tackling with tuna on a regular basis. Red snapper, grouper, kingfish will also be regular targets of offshore fishermen. Tarpon will still be around until the end of the month.

November - Flats fishing is still hot in November and the cooler air temperatures make for comfortable fishing throughout the day. Speckled trout and redfish will be found on the shallow flats. Snook will begin settling in along the Brownsville Ship Channel. Mangrove snapper will be thick around the jetties. The big draw for surf and jetty anglers in November, however, will be the big "bull" reds which have moved in for their annual spawn. Good numbers of bull reds can be taken from the Brazos Santiago Pass, along the South Padre Beachfront, and at the Port Mansfield Cut at the northern end of the island.

December - The final month of the year still holds promise for fishermen along South Padre Island. December usually ushers in the start of pompano and whiting fishing along the beachfront. Redfish and speckled trout are still consistently caught throughout the bay. December is one of the best times to seek snook in the Brownsville Ship Channel. Although the water temperatures have cooled off, these warm-water fish can be consistently found around the docks, pilings and channels off the ship channel and in the Port of Port Isabel and Brownsville shrimp basin.

South Padre Island is a 34-mile long barrier reef island located on the tropical tip of Texas. On the same latitude as Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the Island is known for its white, fine-sand beaches, tropical blue waters and consistently warm temperatures year-round. It's been ranked as one of the country's top beaches by publications from Men's Fitness to Conde Nast Traveler.
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