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Imagine a beautiful tropical Island with miles and miles of unspoiled beaches. It lies in the sun beside the sparkling Gulf of Mexico. It is a place where sparkling beaches, warm water, friendly hospitality and relaxing activities come together. It's not your imagination, it's the ideal vacation paradise, it's South Padre Island.

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South Padre Island Texas Beach-Surf Cam

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South Padre Island is an ever-ready vacation destination that history has shown to be a right crowd pleaser. For a number of reasons, the foot of Texas is known for attracting spring breakers by the busload as well as families and couples all year long. No matter what your vacation goals are or what time of year you will be visiting, be sure that this hotspot will show you a excellent time.

If youíve never been here before and donít know quite what to expect, just imagine all the elements you would seek in a beachside getaway, add a healthy dose of relaxation, and youíll start to get the picture. Find a spot of shade beneath your beach umbrella, crack open the book thatís been calling your name, stare fondly at the cold drink in your hands, and find yourself idly wondering what the office is up to in your absence. Really, scratch this last part. Donít allow yourself to reckon about work; there are plenty of more vital things to do.

Itís probably safe to say that youíre not accustomed to hearing the sound of the ocean on a daily basis, much less able to dip your toes in it, splash around with a boogie board, or rent a boat for a high-speed adventure. Wave running and parasailing are excellent ways to take the energy levels up a notch, and after thatís tired you out the beach bars with their sparkling array of tropical drinks will call for your attention. Nothing is better than the feeling of slight fatigue mixed with golden sunshine, so reward yourself for the hard work youíve completed in the past few months (or years, or decades) and take a nap.

After waking refreshed and revived youíll be ready for round two. Hit the tennis courts, the golf courses, or Laguna Madre Nature Trail. Outdoorsy types will like exploring the vibrant wildlife scene, and this excursion will certainly fill a few stress-free hours. Come nightfall, check out a different but equally colorful scene, the one on the waterfront. Even if itís not spring break, live music, dancing, and socializing will certainly be available if youíre looking to add some pizzazz to your schedule.

If youíre the type who likes to stay active, start your day with a jog along the beach or a dip in the salty sea. The kids will surely want to soak in enough sandcastle building to last until the next beach vacation, and you can even sign up to receive lessons from an expert in this art. As you watch the kiddies absorb themselves in this creative endeavor (and hopefully join in the fun, too) youíll start to see that this isnít just a college studentís playground; itís here for everyone to delight in.

Map lovers may notice that Mexico isnít too far away, and many tourists make crossing the border a fun day trip. Experience the atmosphere of another country as you shop for souvenirs or fill up on authentic and tasty food. This excursion should be pretty hassle free, so add it to your list of fun and exciting things to do while youíre in South Padre.

Food options range from Tex-Mex to southern comfort and of course, many restaurants are all about seafood. Question the host to seat with a view of the ocean for a romantic touch, and end the night by taking one of those romantic walks on the beach if the mood to stare into your loverís eyes must be satisfied. Youíve heard South Padre was a hit, but you probably didnít know it would be so open to your personal wants and needs.

Speaking of fulfilling your desires, to top off this vacation be sure to settle into above-average accommodations. Hotels are fine and serve their purpose, but to feel truly pampered reckon about renting a vacation property. Condos, beach houses and spacious apartments are all up for grabs; all it takes is an online shopping trip to learn the lodging situation of your dreams.

Peruse the pictures, read the testimonials, and then check your calendar before settling on the place that will push this trip to the next level. As you bask in the sun on your private patio and soak in your Jacuzzi tub, youíll certainly feel like a grown-up who has passed the days of partying all night and sleeping on a fold-out sofa. Your South Padre Island Vacation Rental waits for you, so donít delay another minute.



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island equestrian center with horseback riding on the beach north of city limits, laguna atascosa national wildlife refuge a 45, 000 acre federal preserve for wildlife and bird watching on the mainland, laguna madre nature trail next to the convention centre and whaling wall no 53, the laguna madre nature trail is a 1, 500 foot boardwalk that extends across four acres of wetlands containing informative signs about dune systems and bird species that frequent the area, the nature trail provides visitors with the opportunity to observe many species of birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat the idea of the laguna madre nature trail was conceived by naturalist ed hawkins it is dedicated to his memory, los ebanos the valley's new unique 82 acre bird and butterfly preserve stroll thru the gardens, hike the nature trails, sit and enjoy the water birds on the lake, or just relax with a book in the pavillion, matamoros, mexico bargain shopping for silver, leather goods, and 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the gulf exhibit, exhibit of spanish fleet of 1554 as well as mexican war exhibit, three flags over padre offers go-carts, miniature golf, spaceball, a ferris wheel, and a video arcade, university of texas-pan american coastal studies laboratory several aquariums containing sealife indigenous to the area, as well as an extensive shell collection located in isla blanca park, whaling wall internationally-known environment artist, wyland, picked the south padre island convention centre as his canvas for whaling wall no 53 the giant mural featuring a pod of orcas commonly know as killer whales, covers three walls of the convention centre the life-size whales are illustrated in full color and are accompanied by other local sea life wyland's purpose for painting giant murals of marine mammals is to raise awareness of the dangers facing these wonderful creatures in addition to h

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